About us

Our approach

We don’t build ordinary homes. We build timber frame homes that deserve kudos. That means using the finest timber frame technologies to create high performance, low energy properties on time and on budget.

Working with self builders (with or without plans), an architect or a developer working on high-end one off homes or small developments, we can tailor our three tiered service to suit your exact needs:

  1. Supplying and installing the precision engineered timber frame core.
  2. Timber frame plus insulation and airtightness.
  3. Full build, from design right through to turnkey delivery.

Contact us to chat through the benefits of a Kudos Timber Frame build.

Our Story

We started building bespoke high spec homes 50 years ago. We’ve been specialists in timber frame construction for the last 20 years. We’re a family business, so precision, detailing and innovation are in our blood.

Timber frame home
Timber frame builders

The Orr family business, currently led by Neil, has been instrumental in the creation of some the UK’s most impressive high performance, low energy homes using the latest in timber frame technology. With a particular interest in providing incredible control over the atmosphere and living conditions inside the home, we help our clients achieve and often surpass the U Values demanded by planning and building regulations. In short, we are the now the go-to team for bespoke timber frame homes that our clients can be sure will be finished on time and on budget.

We used to be called Advanced Timbercraft because it used to describe what we do, but as the years rolled on and our service grew, we realised we were actually creating clever homes – homes that deserve Kudos.

Our Team

Led by Neil, the team at Kudos are master craftspeople who are adept at using their skill to create environmentally sound, energy efficient, comfortable homes. We are passionate about the benefits that a Timber Frame home can deliver, from a low energy home to a leading a better quality of life simply by living in a healthy home.


Neil Orr

Managing Director

If you cut him in 2 it would say Performance, Quality and Integrity. Neil has been specialising in timber frame construction for 20 years now. Loves what he does immensely.

Thomas Orr

Thomas Orr


Neil’s dad and don of the company. Thomas’s knowledge is so vast we don’t know what we would do without him. He has one of the most incredible work ethics of anyone we know and still happy to give the young bucks a run for their money!


Eileen Orr

Sales Director

Neil’s mum. Eileen is the matriarch of the company. She has a dogged determination to never give up. Her job role extends from making the tea to full contract management. There is nothing this woman cannot put her hand to!


Paul McKeague

General Manager

The find of the century. Paul started with Kudos when he was 19 years old measuring up and pricing from drawings. He now runs the day to day affairs of the company. Boy can he get things done. Neil’s right hand man.


Glenn Stewart


Glenn has a problem solving attitude and an aptitude for attention to detail. His gentle nature and listening ear sets clients at ease. Glenn is a Kudos stalwart in more ways than one, manifested in the fact that for the last 14 years he has driven over 100 miles every working day just to work for Kudos!


Mark Caldwell

Quantity Surveying

We have yet to meet Mark’s equal when it comes to attention to detail. No stone is left unturned. The Kudos early bird, Mark can often be found at his desk shortly after 6am.


Jonny Gourley

Joinery Team

Longest serving member of staff, we gave Jonny a start when he was only 16 and are so glad we did! Jonny always aims to please. He is a multi-tasker and is not only our most experienced air tightness expert on site, but a great joiner. In the true spirit of the building trade, we can count on Jonny to sort the nicknames for the boys. Calls the boss “big dawg” (with affection of course!).


Damien Kelly

Foreman – Timber frame

Damien has been working at timber frame build nearly all of his working life. His experience and knowledge is vast and he loves nothing more than a problem solving challenge. Damien is a trusty pair of hands with clients, taking the time to explain to them exactly what and why he is doing what he is doing. He leads his crew of hard working joiners with good humour and a ‘can do’ attitude.


Cliff Bennett

Foreman – Full construction

Cliff is a fully qualified joiner and looks after full builds on site. As a fully qualified joiner, Cliff's heart lies in working with the boys on the tools! Loves a bit of craic on site.


Robbie McMaw

Joinery Team

If you want to keep a place tidy Robbie’s the man - you can be sure that the workshop and yard are in order when Robbie is about! He started with us when he was very young and has grown his role to chief sawing and forklift operator.


Pete Compton

Joinery Team

Pete is the daddy of the guys. He is
always the one making sure everybody is OK especially when we are away from home. Gentle spoken, but a real bull of a worker, he gets through an incredible amount of work in a day.

Johnny Doran

Johnny Doran

Joinery Team

Johnny joined the Kudos Team a number of years ago and he is a dynamic force! Working in factory or on site, Johnny is a guy who can do 1st first, 2nd fix joinery and virtually anything right down to fitting carpets.