6 Benefits of Timber Frame

December 11, 2017

There are many benefits of building a timber frame home and we thought that bringing them together in a blog post would help with the decision making process, so here goes:


A Timber Frame Home: The Self Build Dream

Many people dream of building their own home, attracted by the freedom to tailor its design to meet their exact requirements and to fit in with their particular lifestyles.

Choosing to self-build can be an incredibly rewarding experience, both aesthetically and financially. The key to it all is choosing the right construction method.

At Kudos, we’ve been helping self-builders construct beautiful, high performance, low energy, timber frame homes for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve seen the popularity of using timber frame increase massively, with more and more people recognising its many advantages over other commonly used materials.

If you’ve been considering using timber frame for your self-build project and are keen to learn more about its specific benefits, we’ve listed below six of the most important factors to consider.

And remember, at whatever stage of your build you are, the team at Kudos are on hand to offer expert advice and guidance. Give us a call or drop us an email and we can help you on your self-build journey.

Build on Budget

Building your own home is probably the biggest challenge you’ll ever undertake. With a project of that scale, there are challenges to overcome. For example one of the most worrying aspects on budget is unforeseen delays during the build which can quickly add up and cause your budget to spiral out of control.

It’s this worry more than anything else that stops many a potential self-builder in their tracks before they’ve even begun, and one of the main reasons timber frame homes have become so popular.

With a timber frame home, much of the work takes place off-site, in a clean and dry workshop which greatly reduces the impact of poor weather on the build schedule. With the controlled condition of the workshop, all the guesswork is taken out of the construction time, making the budget completely predictable.

At Kudos, whether we’re providing and installing the timber frame core, or taking a build from the concept stage to full completion, our number one concern is bringing the project in on budget. We take great care to price every element with accuracy, making sure there are no nasty surprises and nothing is left to chance.

With our full build package, there is also the advantage of having just one point of contact for every stage of the build, giving the overall pricing even more transparency.


Build Faster

Timber frame is essentially a dry construction process. We complete the main build indoors, sheltered from the elements, and then transport the modular frame to the site. There, it can be erected and made wind and watertight in a matter of days.

That means trades people like electricians and plasterers are able to come in much sooner, without having to wait for the structure to dry out. Drying out the building can take weeks with wet construction methods.

So, not only is it much quicker to build a timber frame home than traditional brick and block methods, we are also able to work at any time of year. Where development has to stop on a standard construction site if the temperature drops below 2°C, to prevent mortar from freezing and causing the whole building to warp, a timber frame home can be erected in sub zero conditions.

With a timber frame home, your build time can be reduced by up to a third, vastly reducing your construction costs and getting you into your brand new home faster.


Build Warm

Wood is a naturally insulating material, giving a timber frame structure a good start in achieving a high level of thermal efficiency. Clients often tell us a major factor in them deciding to build their own home using timber frame, was how warm and comfortable they are compared to a traditional block build, even prior to completion, There is a completely different feel in a timber frame building during the construction phase.

But a house is only as good as the people behind it. The team at Kudos are master craftsmen, with decades of experience creating low energy, high performance timber frame homes. Because the core is constructed under factory conditions, we are able to build with a great degree of accuracy, ensuring we have total control over the airtightness and energy efficiency of the structure.

It also means we can offer tailored insulation methods, designed to meet our clients’ budgets and objectives. We have the flexibility to further future proof your home with renewable energy systems to protect against rising fuel costs and achieve a clean living environment.

Added together, a timber frame home from Kudos can achieve significantly lower U Values than a traditional masonry build, meaning a big drop in energy bills.


Build Versatile

It may well be the world’s oldest building material, but the versatility of timber frame allows us to create homes of just about any architectural design—from a traditional rustic retreat to an ultra contemporary metropolitan residence. Just check out our Projects page for a taster of different styles of Kudos timber frame homes.

Because they can be clad in almost any material, from natural wood, to brick to local stone, timber frame structures can be built to blend in with the geographic style of the area, or made to stand out and become a real focal point – you are really only limited by your budget and imagination.

At Kudos, we’ve spent over 20 years custom building exclusive homes in a huge number of different forms and with a wide variety of different characteristics that match our clients’ personal lifestyles.

It’s this level of flexibility that attracts so many self-builders to build a timber frame home with Kudos.

Some clients approach us with a very clear idea of how the finished product should look, while others come with a list of features they want to include and we work together in a close partnership to design and budget their dream home from a blank piece of paper.


Build Forever

A well-built timber frame home will last for centuries. In fact, you only have to look at some of our country’s historic buildings to see just how resilient a material it is. Wood is incredibly tough and robust, and its comparative lightness next to brick or concrete means it’s an ideal choice to build in more remote areas or where the ground conditions wouldn’t be suitable for heavier structures.

Maintenance on a timber frame house is also no different than you would expect to perform on a conventional masonry building. In fact, because it is a dry form of construction and the frames are precision engineered off-site, the walls and floors are kept perfectly square, and you avoid the drying out cracks that are common with more traditional techniques.


Build Green

A major concern for the majority of the people who choose to work with us is the environmental impact of building their own home. Climate change is something that affects every one of us, and here at Kudos we take our green commitments very seriously.

Timber is classified as carbon neutral—as well as being an infinitely renewable material, with at least one tree being replanted for each one that’s felled amount of energy needed to manufacture and process the timber is cancelled out by the amount of CO2 it will absorb in its lifetime.

With the huge growth in construction using timber frame, the sustainably managed forests that supply the industry are thriving, leading to even more trees being planted, which consume an ever-increasing amount of carbon dioxide and trap it when the tree have been felled

This self-sustaining cycle is in direct contrast to other building materials such as brick or steel, with their finite supply of raw materials having to be extracted from the earth. It’s estimated, for example, that steel uses six times more energy to process than an equivalent amount of timber.

Even transporting timber, due to its relative lightness, is offset by its natural CO2 absorbing qualities.

All in all, a timber frame home has the lowest carbon footprint of any commercial building material; for every cubic metre of concrete or steel that is replaced by wood, approximately 0.8 tons of CO2 is kept out of our atmosphere.  It is also the only renewable building material we have.


So to summarise:

The benefits for building a timber frame house are compelling. As well as giving you the opportunity to complete construction in a fraction of the time compared to using other materials, whatever the weather, by partnering with a company like Kudos, you can stay in complete control of your budget. And best of all, you have the peace of mind knowing you are living in the most energy efficient, eco-friendly home possible.

If you have any questions about timber frame homes, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 028 9083 8951 or email hello@buildingkudos.com

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