We’ve had a face-lift!

March 16, 2016

Kudos is the new name for Advanced Timbercraft.

We’ve changed a lot since we first began building bespoke high spec homes 50 years ago. Back then we hadn’t fully discovered the benefits of timber frame homes, but once we did we ran with it and have now been specialists in timber frame construction for the last 20 years.

As Advanced Timbercraft, we thought we had a name that described what we did – using our own unique precision-engineered timber framed core to create advanced, atmospherically controlled, energy efficient dwellings. With our services and knowledge growing over the years we realised that what we really do is create clever homes. Everything from engineering timber frame core right through to full build dwellings.

Re-branding as Kudos allows us to communicate the full breadth of our skill base to our clients and partners, open doors to new opportunities and help us grow our team. We encourage people to take a fresh look at timber frame and, with our new name, a fresh look at us and our vibrant crew of craftspeople.

Taking the plunge to launch something new is never easy, but we successfully launched at the Self Build and Improve Your Home Show in February 2016 together with an advertisement in the Self Build Magazine to coincide with the live show. The re-designed show stand and brand new marketing collateral in the hands of our experienced Kudos team resulted in a well-received first outing. We have been putting rolling out the new branding throughout the year with vehicle livery, site signage, workwear and a spanking new website!

We may have a different name, but we still use the finest timber frame technologies to create high performance, low energy homes that deserve some Kudos. Combined with a committed and experienced team throughout the company we are committed to delivering great build experience in and a clever home built with Kudos.

So if you’re looking for Advanced Timbercraft, look for Kudos!

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