Muutama Cabin,

designed by Koto

Current Location:

Orchard at Kudos Headquarters

Square Footage:

25 Metres


Koto Design – a collaborative project with Kudos

Kudos Full Build:

Timber Frame Core


Air Tightness

Interior and Exterior finish

Koto Design specialises in creating Scandinavian style cabins that are sensitive to the environment both in their build and purpose. The team approached Kudos with a proposal to collaborate on building a prototype timber frame cabin, or more accurately, a ‘show cabin’ that prospective clients could visit to see and feel the product.

Timber Frame Cabin

The Koto team designed the Muutama Cabin as part of a modular structure that allows for flexibility to meet each individual client needs. The Kudos team brought their functional design and timber frame manufacturing expertise to the project. The combination of both skillsets resulted in the delivery of Koto’s vision for the Muutama Cabin and the result is a beautifully formed and functional timber frame cabin manufactured to the highest quality housing standard. The cabins are perfect for extra living accommodation, a garden studio, home office, retreat and holiday rentals, to name but a few uses.

The Brief

To manufacture a timber frame structure that is robust and which is a low energy building. Ensuring the space is comfortable, has a sense of quality and can be relocated even years after its initial installation was a vital goal. In fitting with the idea that the cabins are ideal for a nature-based retreat, the cabin should use eco-friendly materials where possible.

Timber Frame Decision

Given the nature of these modular structures a timber frame core was the perfect fit for this project. Designed for year-round occupancy, a high level of energy efficiency was vital to achieve optimal comfort levels. A timber frame core can achieve these values where other methods of construction may struggle.

The semi-portable cabin is designed as a private retreat from the serene landscapes they inhabit. A light timber frame core allows for easy transportation should the need arise.

Building Core and Fabric

The versatility of timber frame along with smart design has allowed for a clean Scandinavian aesthetic that has expansive concealed storage within its walls and floor-space. A slanted roof affords more space and allows light to flood into the cabin and at the same time gives the structure a unique look.

The cabin is built using a timber frame core and technologies. It is designed to be transported to site as a complete unit and installed on-site in one day.

Muutama Timber Frame Cabin
Timber Frame Cabin interior
Timber Frame Cabin Bedroom
Exterior of Timber Frame Cabin