Our Services

The team at Kudos offer two levels of service to our customers; timber frame cores with varying levels of insulation and air tightness, and full build projects.

1. Kudos Timber Frame Core

Kudos workshop

We design, manufacture and install bespoke precision engineered timber frame cores finished to three levels of specification:

  • design, manufacture and install the timber frame structure
  • manufacture and install the timber frame structure complete with insulation
  • manufacture and install the timber frame structure complete with insulation and airtightness measures
Timber roof trusses

Why Kudos?

Our high spec timber frame structure gives us complete control over the energy efficiency and air tightness of a home.

Every structure is created to specification off site in our dry, clean workshop, meaning that we can deliver and install quickly and efficiently without having to factor in the unpredictabilities of drying out times.

The flexibility of our service means we can tailor a timber frame solution to suit your budget and expectations. Talk to us for a free initial consultation to find out how.

2. Kudos Full Build

Timber frame house

Kudos takes the idea of an energy efficient home and builds on it. Our designs span contemporary and traditional, but are united by our own precision engineered timber frame core.

From the creation of a weather-proof structure or shell, including windows, doors, external block work and a roof, to a completed full build with internal finishing, Kudos brings you next level living.

Timber frame home

Our full project team can manage the entire construction process for you, saving you energy in more ways than one.

A Kudos Full Build can take many forms, from garden room to a great house, from a mews to a mansion or a pod to a palace.