The Kudos Cabin

https://www.joelaverty-photography.com/Key Features:

Timber Frame Core
Built to Kudos New
Home Standards
High Performance
Constructed Off-Site
Speed of Build
Easy Installation
Sliding Door
Durable Finishes

Introducing a new Kudos Project

The Kudos Cabin is a timber-frame modular self-contained building that is designed for optimal year-round comfort. This semi-portable building is designed to leave minimal impact on the landscape. It can be transported to site as a complete unit and installed in one day. The cabins serve as a private retreat for guests that are seeking a more unique experience.

Would you like to visit our Show-Cabin?
Please note, the images displayed are of a pod prototype designed by KOTO, with the functional design and build by KUDOS. From early November we will have our own show-cabin prototype ready for visitors, located at Kudos headquarters in Newtownabbey, Co Antrim. Only by experiencing a fully furnished Kudos cabin can you truly get a feel for the luxurious accommodation that you could offer your guests.

To make an appointment contact Katrina:

T. (0)28 9083 8951

Design shown is a KOTO design

Functional design and build by KUDOS.

The KUDOS Cabin will be a KUDOS design.

Images by  Joe Laverty Photography