Why Timber Frame?

Save energy, money, construction time and gain a temperature controlled home. Raise your expectations of comfortable living to another level with a timber frame structure from Kudos.

Kudos Timber Frame Home

Timber Frame looks smart – whatever your style

It lends itself equally as well to both houses designed with a traditional aesthetic and more modern angular builds with clean lines and expansive glazing.

Timber frame is smart – it saves you money and hassle

It’s a sustainable material. It’s low carbon, structurally sound and highly versatile. It’s also a natural insulator offering very high levels of thermal efficiency. When extra insulation and air tightness measures are added, you will find it easy to meet and surpass even the most strict building regulations.

Timber frame home

Timber frame is Faster
Timber frame construction largely happens off site in a dry, clean environment like the Kudos workshop. Unlike traditional construction, there’s no drying out time meaning that uncertainties in the build time are omitted.

Timber frame is Economical
The speed of build and simplicity of construction cuts down on uncertainties. So, with the right project management behind it, you are more likely to come in on budget.

A timber frame home is a high performance, low energy home, meaning significantly reduced bills.